Description Price
baltimore-maryland-1938-first-flight-cover-to-bermuda-with-return-bermuda-postage MARYLAND - BALTIMORE 1938 BALTIMORE TO BERMUDA FIRST FLIGHT COVER WITH RETURN BERMUDA POSTAGE

Different from most since it has Bermuda stamp affixed to pay return flight postage along with Special Delivery stamp and T auxiliary mark. Note postmark trail on back of cover.

belgium-world-war-one-appeal-to-americans-for-funds-to-buy-cigarettes-for-belgian-soldiers BELGIUM - WORLD WAR I APPEAL TO AMERICANS FOR FUNDS TO BUY CIGARETTS FOR BELIGAN SOLDIERS

Interesting appeal letter and donation form from Belgium to US asking for donations for "front line troops" so they can "have a smoke".  Highly collectible WWI memorabilia piece.

zeppelin-covers-for-sale-german-american-european-south-american-flights ZEPPELIN COVERS

We have a large selection of zeppelin flight covers for sale.  Flights from Germany, Europe, the United States, Middle East, Japan, South America.  Good cachets and postmarks including on-board. Few with content. Please let us know the flight(s) you need.  There's a good chance we have it in stock. Prices start around $50 and up. The illustrated covers are franked with US C13-15 plate number singles.  Price for these covers is $1,200.

hungary-lot-of-10-1920s-covers-to-the-United-States HUNGARY - LOT OF 10 1920s COVERS TO THE UNITED STATES

All covers have content.  Back shown on two covers one of which features auxiliary mark of United States Relief Committee and the other shows a cover with stamps on front and back.  

guam-mint-block-of-four-local-post-stamps GUAM - MINT BLOCK OF FOUR LOCAL POST STAMPS

Mint never hinged block featuring Miss World 1980.

united-states-scott-#404-used-stamp UNITED STATES SCOTT #404 USED STAMP

Nicely centered stamp with unusual "FLAT" cancel. Actual postmark hard to read but could be Brockton MA. Catalog: $75

united-states-scott-#372-mint-never-hinged-block-of-four-stamps UNITED STATES SCOTT #372 MINT NEVER HINGED BLOCK OF FOUR STAMPS

Mint never hinged block of four. Hard to find. Catalog: $90


Superb centering on this stamp.  Most stamps in the  Jamestown set have very poor centering.  A premium stamp.  Catalog: $30

united-states-scott-#325-mint-never-hinged-stamp UNITED STATES SCOTT #325 MINT NEVER HINGED STAMP

Mint never hinged tab single.  Super color and well centered. Catalog: $170

united-states-scott-#154-used-stamp-with-partial-fancy-cancel UNITED STATES SCOTT #154 USED STAMP WITH PARTIAL FANCY CANCEL

Portion of fancy cancel.  Good appearance. Catalog: $275