Description Price
dover-new-hampshire-1844-stampless-folded-letter-to-bridgewater-massachusetts DOVER NEW HAMPSHIRE 1844 STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER TO BRIDGEWATER MASSACHUSETTS

Very clean item with full Dover postmark.  William Hale writes to a supplier asking for balance of order and lists the missing items.  No tears.  Excellent condition.

richmond-virginia-1850-stampless-folded-letter-with-10-attached-rate RICHMOND VIRGINIA 1850 STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER WITH ATTACHED 10 RATE

Good postmark with attached 10 rate.  Sent to West Springfield, MA.  Letter has multiple separations.

kriegsheim-germany-1850-stampless-folded-letter-to-antwerp-belgium GERMANY - KRIEGSHEIM TO ANTWERP BELGIUM 1850 STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER

Letter appears to have been forwarded to Antwerp.  See postal markings in second scan.  Full content is also shown.  Letter is in fragile condition.

lausanne-switzerland-1870-postal-history-cover-to-london SWITZERLAND - 1870 POSTAL HISTORY COVER FROM LAUSANNE TO LONDON

Nice old cover. Seal intact. Opened a bit roughly at top. 30-frank Scott #56 stamp. London receiver on reverse.

northern-railroad-stampless-cover-to-heartland-vermont NORTHERN RAILROAD STAMPLESS COVER TO HARTLAND VERMONT

Full postmark along with numeral 5 rate mark.  Cover a tad dirty. Old ASCC catalogs price is $75.

cynthiana-kentucky-1827-manuscript-postmark-stampless-folded-letter-to-leesburgh-ohio CYNTHIANA KENTUCKY 1827 MANUSCRIPT POSTMARK STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER TO LEESBURGH OHIO

Nice manuscript postmark along with 25-cent rate to Ohio.  No content. Looks like it was a wrapper for some legal documents. No tears.

charlestown-ohio-manuscript-postmark-stampless-folded-letter-to-suffield-connecticut CHARLESTOWN OHIO 1845 MANUSCRIPT POSTMARK STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER TO SUFFIELD CONNECTICUT

Content talks of payment of a debt and, as noted by the clipped top portion of the letter, also included a bank draft.  No rips or tears...not even where seal was broken.

hanover-new-hampshire-1830-stampless-folded-letter-to-boston HANOVER NEW HAMPSHIRE 1830 STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER TO BOSTON

Dotted oval postmark is almost complete.  12.5 rate for distance to Boston.  No content.

andong-korea-1939-japanese-occupation-stamp-on-postal-history-cover-to-caney-kansas KOREA - ANDONG - 1939 JAPANESE OCCUPATION STAMP ON POSTAL HISTORY COVER TO CANEY, KANSAS

Clean cover with Andong, Korea, postmark on Japanese stamp used during the occupation of Korea in 1939.  Cover is from H. T. Baugh, possibly a missionary, to Bertie Burns, Caney, Kansas.  Cover has small tear upper left side and small portion of lower right corner is missing.

japanese-army-occupation-of-china-world-war-2-postal-history-cover JAPANESE ARMY OCCUPATION OF CHINA WORLD WAR II COVER WITH BLUE CENSOR MARK + LETTER

Superior cover and three-page handwritten letter from a Japanese soldier mailed to Japan during the Japanese occupation of China during World War II. The letter describes dthe weather and living conditions. Obviously did not want to have a problem with the censoring officer. No tears. Clean.